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Who We Serve

A Dedicated Partner in Anesthesia

With a focus on quality patient care, VIBE Anesthesia serves CRNAs, hospital-based health systems and ambulatory surgical centers.

CRNA Led. CRNA Driven.

VIBE Anesthesia promotes a holistic approach toward employee well-being by creating an environment that supports both personal and professional development.

We pledge to:

1. Implement a clinical governance board through an election process where CRNA feedback drives decision-making.

2. Provide performance incentives to every CRNA based on profitability.

3. Create long-term partnerships by granting equity in VIBE to the CRNAs who earn it.

Hospital-based Health Systems

Our infrastructure ensures healthcare facilities have the resources necessary to keep operating rooms running smoothly. This includes providing experienced and reliable CRNAs along with offering comprehensive operational and administrative support. VIBE Anesthesia utilizes continuous improvement initiatives promoting growth that is both sustainable and profitable.

Ambulatory Surgical Centers

VIBE Anesthesia has a dedicated team of professionals specializing in ambulatory surgery care.  Our priority is optimizing efficiency and cost-effective strategies while ensuring patient safety and satisfaction. This is accomplished by partnering with your facility’s administration and creating individualized solutions to nurture long-term growth.