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Who We Are

Founded by CRNAs
for CRNAs

VIBE Collective (a CRNA-owned entity) is partnering with A4 (Anesthesia Associates of Ann Arbor, a physician-led group) to create the VIBE Anesthesia difference. Together, we uphold the mission to enhance and continually improve the perioperative experience for our stakeholders – including patients, nurses, surgeons, surgical staff, and our hospitals.
VIBE Anesthesia is CRNA led and driven. We pride ourselves on being problem-solvers at our core. If you are a CRNA struggling with workplace challenges or a healthcare facility with gaps in your anesthesia department, we specialize in implementing tailored solutions for your success. VIBE Anesthesia believes in developing partnerships grounded in high practice standards and integrity-driven change.

CRNA led. The center of every patient experience.

Building our foundation on high moral principles and professional standards.

Challenging the status quo in the anesthesia industry.

Creating opportunities for leadership and ownership to support the personal and professional growth of CRNAs.