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Anesthesia Services

Services that Elevate and Inspire

VIBE Anesthesia provides the infrastructure required to assist hospital-based health systems and ambulatory surgical centers in delivering efficient, high-quality patient care.

Clinical Staffing

Whether you need VIBE Anesthesia to supplement gaps in your current staffing model or to provide comprehensive management services, we have the tools to help you meet your staffing requirements. VIBE Anesthesia specializes in providing anesthesia to patients undergoing procedures in all healthcare settings and within various anesthesia care models. Our services are always tailored to your department’s specific needs.

VIBE takes pride in delivering safe, high-quality, cost-effective anesthesia care to improve outcomes and increase patient satisfaction.

Anesthesia Billing

MidWest Anesthesia Consultants (MAC) is a trusted partner servicing VIBE Anesthesia’s billing needs while adhering to a rigorous Corporate Compliance Program.

From point of service charge capture to ICD-10 and CPT coding to concurrency calculation and conflict resolution, MAC handles all aspects of the billing process from start to finish.

“We work hard to ensure that our client’s charges are billed accurately and that we achieve maximum reimbursement. The process is seamless.” – MAC


VIBE Anesthesia understands the indisputable correlation between successful business management and exceptional anesthesia care. Along with our trusted partners, we are a team comprised of CRNAs, MDAs, MBAs, CPAs, attorneys, recruiters, and credentialing specialists. Collectively, we demonstrate expertise in both administration and operations. VIBE Anesthesia will perform extensive evaluations of your current anesthesia operations to provide comprehensive solutions. With a focus on patient safety, our goal is to enhance efficiency and implement cost-effective strategies to reach each healthcare system’s maximum potential.

Quality Assurance and Process Improvement

Keeping quality and compliance at the forefront of everything we do, VIBE Anesthesia participates in numerous organizations to track and trend vital data. Our Quality Assurance (QA) Program oversees a variety of initiatives, such as evidence-based protocols, chart audits, incident reporting, and professional practice evaluations. The quality champions and committee members collaborate to analyze data and further encourage additional QA opportunities for performance improvement.